New Year’s resolution – Full attack

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We´ll start our first post in 2018 to thank & to wish all of you out there a happy new year.  Thank you so much for supporting NIGHTRUN! We are getting global, as we are getting more and more followers not only from Germany.

>>>Our lifestyle & passion is multilingual and knows no borders<<<

But let´s start with a quick flashback of 2017, which was a very special year for NIGHTRUN.

At the end of 2016 (after Essen Motor Show) I saw myself in a position of going new ways, as I was using my Canon 600D T3i at the limit. Some of you may know, that I´m very interested in media from all over the world. I follow several channels on YouTube like Krispy media, Halcyon or ILB.

To reach this level for me it was clear, that I have to move on in every aspect, so I decided to choose a new direction:

  • Sony A7s mki + bunch of batteries
  • FE28–70 mm (SEL) f3,5–5,6 OSS
  • Several non Autofocus lenes
  • DYS 3 Axis Aerial Gimbal with STorM32 BCG Board
  • Feelworld fw760 Full HD Monitor
  • Rode VideoMic
  • GoPro HERO4 Silver

2017 was another year of a developing process for NIGHTRUN. I met a lot of people, got in touch with the newest filming equipment and techniques and worked on my editing skills. After 5 years of filmmaking, looking back is a special feeling for me.

To come to a conclusion for 2017, I have to tell you that I nearly reached the limit regarding to my equipment.

Camera: The Sony A7s mki for instance is the perfect camera, no doubt about it. Low-light, image quality, build quality, autofocus and handling is brilliant and always a pleasure. But as I was going further I recognized that the Bitrate is a bit to low for me.

Gimbal: I bought the DYS 3-Axis gimbal and worked over 120 hours or even more on configuring and optimizing it. To get the final results, I had to configure the hardware (gimbal) and software (STorM32-controller). Summarizing it was a great journey to the final results. I´ve learned a lot and had my oppurtunity to optimize it like I wanted to.

It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill

Wilbur Wright

I like this quote, because it hit the reality. I know that your work needs to contain more than just good image quality. You have to transfer emotions, because in this order people will remind you.

I know this and I set to myself targets for each year. 2018 I won´t rest, I will move on like the years before. Let me introduce you my new equipment.

  • Sony A7s mkii + bunch of batteries
  • FE28–70 mm (SEL) f3,5–5,6 OSS
  • Zeiss Batis 85 mm f1.8
  • Sigma MC-11 Converter
  • DJI Ronin-M Handheld 3-Axis Gimbal including accessories

>>Lets move something!<<<