Present from BOSOBROS and the reality over the German Carscene

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Ice Cube would say – Today was a good day.

I have to lie on this one, but I´m pretty sure following BOSOBROS on Instagram for over 1 1/2 years now. As some of you already know, German carscene isn´t compareable to Japan or America.

But why?

In that aspect I like to tell you my impression, because as some of you already know, I´m owning a NISSAN 200SX (S13 hatchback) for over 8 years now. In that time I tried to figure out, why the hate and intolerance is so strong against each other. But let´s start with my impression, why German carscene is years behind other countries.

Rolling on a Carmeet

I´ve got a lot of Friends, which drive German cars, like Audi, BMW and so on. On July 9th this year, Florian picked me up in his Audi A3 with airride and awesome looking BBS RS-GT, to visit a local carmeet in Frankfurt am Main. After we arrived, we tried to find a place to park the car. As we tried to find a parking space, people started to blaspheme about the low car, because we drove with barely pressure. After driving the second round around the parking lot, some became louder and screamed stuff like:

  • are you in need of it?
  • your car is scraping you *****
  • axis broken?

After we found a place we backtracked from the car and spoke a bit about our cars. I noticed, that most of the guys sat on their camp chair and drank energy drinks or smoked cigarettes. The atmosphere was distanced, although there were pretty much the same cars.

Why I´m telling this to you?

As I told you before, I´m a carguy. I think most of you out there started like me with Gran Turismo and Fast and Furious back in the late 90´s and early 2000. Under this aspect for me the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) life is my passion, but I respect everyone, who have a great relation to his car. A lot of people out there do amazing stuff with their cars! Why should I hate them for driving another brand or even a EUDM or USDM car? We all love what we do, so why do we hate or ignore each other?

My impression

Furthermore it´s interesting for me to find out, how my friends, Youtube and Facebook followers think about other car manufacturer. I figured out, that a lot of people hate each other, resulting out of of Cliché´s.

  • JDM drivers always redlining their engines
  • Golf drivers are idiots and can´t tune their car
  • Honda is gay (Sorry boy´s  😉 )

I think you know what I mean.

Is it possible to come clean with each other?

Yes, it is! Back in August this year I was invited to secret carshow (K-Side unlimited). This was the very first time, that I had the feeling beeing in US or Japan. There was no hate or ignorance- just enthusiasm. I had the opportunity to talk with some BMW and Volkswagen owners. This conversations gave me a great feeling for the other car, so I had the chance to get a closer reference to it! This was a whole new experience on a German carmeet and once again – I felt great!


Now you read my contribution and ask yourself how we came from BOSOBROS to this? It´s simple.

I love other people´s passion to cars and I want to start that other people start enjoying each others enthusiasm. I´m sure we will catch up to other countries!

Thanks again to BOSOBROS and Jens for those awesome stickers!