Warum Tuning kein Verbrechen ist – RUN K-Side 2018 I NIGHTRUN I FULL HD

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Is tuning a crime? Are those girls and boys who tune their ride ruthless?

Well, nowadays this question is asked very often and often the media gives the feeling that these people want to be pushed out of the public eye, because they do criminal. But are tuners bad people and have a criminal mind?

Join us and let’s find out what tuning is about!

[ Shot and Edit by ]

@nightrun / https://www.youtube.com/nightrun180 

[ Tracks ]

  • WRCKTNGL – Seattle
  • GENES x Memphis. – Adam & Eve (Instrumental)
  • ASAP Ferg – Work (Fortune & MisterMack Trap Remix)
  • OmarCameUp – Snake Eater. w/ N3KO
  • JIA LIH – What U Do
  • capshun – Twilight

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